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Dimensions Art Collection


The content of this exhibition is composed of a selection of wonderful works by artists collected by Dimensions Art Center. During the two-month exhibition, the works will also be changed. It mainly focuses on the works of four artists - Richard Tessier, Huang Zhichao, Zheng Jianchang and Li Feng. The audience is led to view different creative concepts from four different artists.

Chien-Chang Cheng 2024 Solo Exhibition

2024.01.02 - 02.29

Dimensions Art Center will launch Chien-Chang Cheng's solo exhibition in 2024. Heaven, earth, man, spirit, and the operation of the universe have always been the main axis of Chien-Chang Cheng's long-term thinking, attention, and creation. He started from observing the origin of human life, constantly thinking about human life, reflecting on history and humanities, believing that all things have spirits, and life and death have their own reincarnation. He follows the three-in-one cycle of living and sharing, coexists with the land, prays to the gods to protect the land and bless the people, and injects this heart into his creation.



Patrick Cordeau currently lives and works in Issy-les-Moulineaux, France. Cordeau created the intriguing artworks which were initiated from the concept of fence, on wood or canvas with various mixed materials.

Lee Feng 2024 Pingtung Art Museum Solo Exhibition《Immersed in Nature》


Artist Lee Feng will be exhibiting a series of wonderful works in exhibition rooms 201 and 202 on the second floor of Pingtung Art Museum from now until April 21. This exhibition provides an in-depth overview of Lee Feng's artistic creation, presenting the wonderful transitions in each stage and his representative works.

Bruce Lin 2023 Solo Exhibition


Bruce Lin was born in Xinying, Tainan in 1960. He moved to the Netherlands in 1989 and began his artistic creation in 2015. Although he is not a professional artist, he has a keen mind and observation of the things around him, and he transfers this experience to his artistic creation. His composition is inspired by what he sees and hears. The colors are bold and heavy, and the thick paint presents the composition, presenting a sense of compression and layering between the plane and the three-dimensional.

Gilles Gorriti


Gilles Gorriti was born in Paris, France in 1939. His painting style is warm and fresh, poetic and picturesque, fast-paced and full of rhythm, full of romantic feelings in the French spirit, healthy and not artificial. At first glance, the ordinary pictures contain the painter's spirit. An intimate dialogue with the landscape and the viewer.

2024 Art Fair


The Art Fair is back again!!
This time, artists from home and abroad are gathered
Zhan Xuefu, Li Zhiwen, Xiao Wenhui, Dai Biyin, Marc CHAGALL, TOBIASSE, Bernard BUFFET, Serge HELENON, Patrick CORDEAU, FUSARO, Michele BATTUT, JANSEM.

Dennis Hwang - Beauty and Landscape


Dimensions Art Center launched Dennis Hwang "Beauty Landscapes" exhibition in 2023. The works on display focus on expressing the elegance and fun of the beauties in the artist's paintings, and are full of the rhythm and vitality of sensual life. They have both the classical charm of oriental women and the It contains the charming style of modern women and is interspersed with the colorful world of alien creatures; Dennis Hwang has always skillfully blended Chinese and Western painting styles to create his own unique symbol with the beauty of the feminine image of beauty.

Print Works Exhibition


This exhibition includes Camille Hilaire | Serge Helenon | Pierre Marie Brisson | Jean Carzou | Alain Bonnefoit | Jean Jansem | Jean Baptiste Valadie | Paul Guiramand | Frederic Menguy | Pierre Yves Tremois 藝術家之版畫

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