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Dimensions Art Collection

The content of this exhibition is composed of a selection of wonderful works by artists collected by Dimensions Art Center. During the two-month exhibition, the works will also be changed. It mainly focuses on the works of four artists - Richard Tessier, Huang Zhichao, Zheng Jianchang and Li Feng. The audience is led to view different creative concepts from four different artists.

Richard Texier

Born in France in 1955, he developed paintings and sculptures based on the concept of abstraction. Richard Texier began creating art when he was young. Due to his strong interest in astronomy, he developed a unique concept of cosmic art structure in his creations. He described himself as a pilot lost in the universe, and his paintings were his guides in this disordered universe. Coordinates, numbers, letters or astronomical symbols on the works, dots, verticals and dynamics are some of the symbols he uses to depict his personal infinite universe. The numerous sculptures he creates are mythical and alien in shape. Also because he is deeply influenced by African culture, one of his characteristics is that sculptures that retain the original colors of the materials. His works seem to be alternative bodies produced from outside the universe. .

Dennis Hwang

Born in 1941 in Gulangyu Island, Xiamen, into a scholarly family. Throughout his life, he was like a nomad running around the world, on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, and across the Taiwan Straits, always coming and going with the wind, so he was nicknamed "Feng Han" and "Coke Layman". In his early days, he was influenced by the creations of Shi Dejin, Wu Xuerang, and Li Zhongsheng in Taiwan. Later, he moved to New York. His real experience in life and the impact of the contemporary art wave, as well as his persistence in truly experiencing life throughout his life, are unmatched by others. The lines in Huang Zhichao's works have the charm of oriental calligraphy. The secondary elements of the whimsical world can be seen everywhere. They are used to the fullest and arrogantly. They capture the colorful world with a large number of fluorescent colors. There are also deep thoughts and colors that have settled after cynical world. Gorgeous but worth pondering. The use of writing lines shows his careful consideration and continuous improvement over time. Huang Zhichao has many years of experience in studying ancient Chinese cultural relics, and presents the essence of the variant of traditional culture in a concise and concise way. The finish like glazed porcelain is Huang's characteristic. Another characteristic of his achievement as a master of art is that his innate character full of art, romance, love, cynicism and unrestrainedness is fully revealed. It is true that "paintings are like people, and people are like paintings"!

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