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Lee Feng 2024 Pingtung Art Museum Solo Exhibition《Immersed in Nature》

Lee Feng 2024 Pingtung Art Museum Solo Exhibition

《Immersed in Nature》

Artist Lee Feng will be exhibiting a series of wonderful works in exhibition rooms 201 and 202 on the second floor of Pingtung Art Museum from now until April 21.


This exhibition provides an in-depth overview of Lee Feng's artistic creation, presenting the wonderful transitions in each stage and his representative works. For Lee Feng, painting creation is a process of thought and soul, because he always believes that the focus of artistic expression is not realism, concreteness or abstraction, but the process of life.

Faith is the gear that drives Lee Feng's life forward. The spiritual belief of "tranquility, freedom, and vision" is projected into every stage of his creation. To describe it in a concrete way, Li Feng desires to get rid of all constraints and obtain true tranquility and freedom, so as to obtain inner peace. Joy, realizing the visions of this life.


Lee Feng was born in Chiayi and now lives in Sanzhi, New Taipei. He graduated from the National Art College (now Taiwan University of the Arts) and completed a master's degree in art from Fontbonne University in the United States. He has held many solo or group exhibitions in Taipei, Tainan, Pingtung and other places.


Lee Feng's artistic expression style comes from the contact and baptism of nature. In the nurturing of nature, the creativity he produces shows the majestic power and rhythmic structure in the paintings. The bright colors and brushstrokes are bold and unrestrained. Blocks and lines weave into ever-evolving layers are all elements of his creations. The fluid trajectory of the paint and its running speed in the painting are clearly visible on the screen. The layers and changes of different colors form a visual contrast to convey inner meaning.


People's outlook on life and personality are closely related. Purity and eternity are an important belief of Li Feng in art. Li Feng said: "On this path of artistic creation, the work is not the most important, but because of one's own Faith makes you who you are."

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