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Dennis Hwang, Chien- Chang Cheng, Lee Feng Exhibition

This exhibition features paintings by three Dimensional artists: Dennis Hwang, Chien- Chang Cheng, Lee Feng. The three artists each have different creative contexts and styles. You are welcome to visit Dimensional Art Center to appreciate their wonderful works.

Dennis Hwang

Born in Gulangyu, Xiamen in 1941, his ancestral home is Changsha, Hunan, but he speaks Taiwanese Mandarin. He is 170 cm tall, neither tall nor short, and is a very traditional modern person. He likes snacks, loves to drink Coke, and paints paintings that don't look like paintings. He travels around the three places like a gust of wind, so he is nicknamed "Wind Man" and "Coke Layman". He came to Taiwan in 1950 and was invited by the US State Department to the US in 1971 to hold an art tour exchange exhibition. He studied at the Pratt Institute of Art in New York in 1972. He taught at the Taipei National Studies School and the Montgomery-Julie Art Institute in Washington, USA. After returning to Taiwan, Huang Zhichao has continued to stick to his creative ideas, stemming from the importance of oriental essence. During his long creative journey, Huang Zhichao's works have smooth lines with the spirit of oriental calligraphy, which fully demonstrate the agile and feminine characteristics of the lines. His use of colors captures the inherent colors of the nation after the sedimentation of the colorful world and the colors are gorgeous but worth pondering.

Chien- Chang Cheng

Born in Chiayi in 1956, Heaven, Earth, and Man are the main themes of Zheng Jianchang's long-term concern and creation. The Bible's "Genesis" says: "The Great Creator created all things." Heaven, Earth, Man, and all things all have their origins and divinity as the axis. The energy of man and God is interconnected. Although the two are separated in the carrier, they are also in the essence. Hold a pious heart to treat the land, people, things, all things, and spirituality. As a Christian, Zheng Jianchang regards religion and natural forces as a kind of self-spirit and the expansion of the mind. "Land" is the main theme of Zheng Jianchang's creation. "Land" is not only the "homeland" where life resides, but also the "Land God and Land Goddess" representing the guardian god in the Hokkien dialect. Zheng Jianchang's concern for the land is not only based on ecological and environmental protection, but also reflects on history and humanities, and also contains social and political criticism, but it is always done in a simple, gentle and restrained way. His paintings are like people, with strong will and long-term persistence, but they never exaggerate or shout at the top of their lungs.

Lee Feng

Born in Chiayi in 1957, Lee Feng's works are boldly colored and his brushstrokes are graceful. He uses blocks of color and lines to create layers of continuous evolution as the composition of the picture. The layers and changes of different colors can be seen in his works, forming a visual contrast. The abstraction combines the concrete scenes of nature, making the picture present a high degree of visual tension. The rich color stacking strongly makes us feel that Li Feng interprets the meaning of his life and artistic concept from the inside out. After more than 30 years of painting, Li Feng has a higher-level understanding of the state of mind of people after he turned 50. Not only has it enriched the original foundation, but it can also be seen that he has a process and changes in his creation as an artist.

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