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Dennis Hwang - Beauty and Landscape

Dimensions Art Center launched Dennis Hwang "Beauty Landscapes" exhibition in 2023. The works on display focus on expressing the elegance and fun of the beauties in the artist's paintings, and are full of the rhythm and vitality of sensual life. They have both the classical charm of oriental women and the It contains the charming style of modern women and is interspersed with the colorful world of alien creatures; Dennis Hwang has always skillfully blended Chinese and Western painting styles to create his own unique symbol with the beauty of the feminine image of beauty.


Born in Hunan. Hwang is an expressionist painter in New York. In this period, he used batik and graphic techniques in an abstract surrealistic style, and wrote a book, The Art of Batik. Since 1961, Hwang has held over solo exhibitions and many group shows both in Taiwan and abroad. In 1971, he was invited by the U.S. State Department and the Asian Arts Association to visit the United States. One year later he moved to New York. Hwang has been influenced by Western thought and uses the tension between East and West in conceptualizing his work.

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