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Dennis Hwang 2021 Solo Exhibition

The relationship between Dennis Hwang and Dimension Art Center can be traced back to 1989, when Huang Chih-Chao returned to Taiwan for the first time as an artist living in the United States and held his first Taipei solo exhibition "Horse and Woman" at Dimension Art Center. After several decades, he returned to Dimension Art Center for an exhibition. Huang Chih-Chao's works have smooth lines with the spirit of oriental calligraphy, which fully demonstrates the agile and feminine characteristics of lines. His use of colors captures the inherent colors of the nation after the colorful world has settled. It is gorgeous but worth pondering.

Dennis Hwang use of calligraphic lines is his creative concept that strives for perfection. It presents the essence of traditional culture in a concise and concise manner. His unique feature is the beautiful colors like glazed porcelain that appear in the flowing bold and unrestrained lines.

Huang Zhichao's paintings are highly recognizable, with pure and gorgeous colors yet retaining a calm and restrained national temperament; the lines flowing on the canvas are wild but not restrained, yet retaining the ancient method of ink and brush, the artistic character of literati expressing their feelings between mountains, rivers, heaven and earth, and the deep meaning of seeking the roots of Eastern intentions.

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