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Chien-Chang Cheng Solo Exhibition- The Man, The Land, The Spirit

Dimensions Art Center once again presents Chien-Chang Cheng's solo exhibition after many years, using the flow of time to lay out his creations from the 1980s to the present. Using the years as the latitude and longitude, understand how he resolutely withdrew from Taiwan's avant-garde art trend in the 1980s and returned to his native land. , pursue freedom of the soul, explore Taiwan’s local sentiments, and redefine the self in Taiwan’s philosophy and culture like a sailing ship reanchoring on the ocean.

Chien-Chang Cheng often thinks about the relationship between people and the land. His paintings use simple shapes and colors to convey his care for Taiwan's land, humanity, and natural environment. His unique and strong honest style is a series of works that show concern for the ecological environment.

Chien-Chang Cheng's works incorporate many folk legends and metaphors, and are also rich in the mysterious tendency of animism and the cycle of life and death; but at his heart, Chien-Chang Cheng is a devout Christian. Christian faith upholds the justice of the land and emphasizes the self-determination of the residents, which is often mistaken for political bigotry; in fact, it is a high expression of "faith, hope, and love" in life. In a considerable sense, Chien-Chang Cheng's creations are the most concrete manifestation of this caring nature, but he embraces more local legends and beliefs.

--Honorary Professor, Department of History, National Cheng Kung University HSIAO Chong-ray

Date | 2020.09. 17 – 2020.10.15

Opening | 2020.09.19) – 2:00 pm

Lecture | 2020.09.27– 2:00 pm

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