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Chien- Chang Cheng - Spiritual Manifesting

Chien- Chang Cheng creations have always been centered around the relationship between people and society, between people and land, and between people and the spirit of nature. Zheng Jianchang treats the land, people, and everything with a reverent heart, and uses his works to convey the relationship between people and society, land, and the spirit of nature. He responds to social and political turmoil and disturbances with the essence and subjective consciousness of Taiwanese people, and in his creations, he is committed to constructing images of the original and pure character of Taiwanese people, showing the artistic perspective of Taiwanese subjectivity. — Xiao Qiongrui


Chien- Chang Cheng

Born in Chiayi in 1956, Heaven, Earth, and Man are the main themes of Zheng Jianchang's long-term concern and creation. The Bible's "Genesis" says: "The Great Creator created all things." Heaven, Earth, Man, and all things all have their origins and divinity as the axis. The energy of man and God is interconnected. Although the two are separated in the carrier, they are also in the essence. Hold a pious heart to treat the land, people, things, all things, and spirituality. As a Christian, Zheng Jianchang regards religion and natural forces as a kind of self-spirit and the expansion of the mind. "Land" is the main theme of Zheng Jianchang's creation. "Land" is not only the "homeland" where life resides, but also the "Land God and Land Goddess" representing the guardian god in the Hokkien dialect. Zheng Jianchang's concern for the land is not only based on ecological and environmental protection, but also reflects on history and humanities, and also contains social and political criticism, but it is always based on a simple, gentle and restrained approach. His paintings are like people, with strong will and long-term persistence, but they will never exaggerate or shout at the top of their lungs.

Cheng Chien-chang: "This is an era of chaos, but also an era full of explosiveness; an era of hegemony, but also an era of perseverance and survival; an era of greed and consumption, but also an era of reflection and restoration; an era of vulgar and brutal pursuit of material things, but also an era of introspection and thinking about the souls of the elite; an era shrouded in darkness and evil, but also an era full of light and hope; an era of fast food and shallow dishes, but also an era that is most likely to create history. And we are at the opportunity point of history."

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