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Planned by the Louvre Museum in France and implemented by the DEOA, the exhibition will feature 71 classic works by famous artists at the National Palace Museum. The exhibition focuses on landscape paintings from the 16th to 19th centuries in the West, and replaces the chronological exhibition format with eight research sub-topics, presenting sacred forests, the Golden Age, classical ideals, from fantasy to magnificence, hunting and war, Italy as depicted by painters, landscapes and portraits, and painting natural landscapes for the love of nature.

In addition to the exhibition, a special issue will be published for this exhibition, which includes special articles written by researchers from the Louvre Museum's Huihua Department for each sub-theme, enhancing the height and depth of the exhibition.

DEAO also organizes a series of art education promotion activities: teacher art camps, guided tours in other counties and cities, and "Luofu in Taipei Cultural Lectures", etc. It also created the first Chinese version of the Luofu painting audio tour system, with the master of aesthetics Professor Jiang Xun as the main speaker.


  • Exhibition time: 1995.9.17-1995.12.31

  • Exhibition location: National Palace Museum

  • Organizers: Louvre Museum, National Palace Museum, United Daily News, Dimension Arts Education Foundation

  • Planning unit: Dimension Arts Education Foundation

  • Sponsors: Taiwan Phoenix Corporation and its affiliated companies, United Daily News Cultural Foundation, Inventec Group Wudi Commercial Co., Ltd., EVA Airways Corporation

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