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The École de Paris Print Exhibition

In August 2021, the Dimensions Art Center launched a post-epidemic exhibition, exhibiting the Parisian painting master Marc CHAGALL and Bernard BUFFET's classic prints. You can appreciate the master's works up close, making you feel like you are in Paris. It can be said to be a visual experience. A feast of art.

Around the end of World War I in 1914, Paris became the art center of Europe, attracting a group of young artists from abroad who came here to find their own style and ideas and to engage in creation.

They all have different personalities and unique styles, and they express their inner feelings such as lyricism, homesickness and sadness in their works. The things they feel in life make them familiar and draw inspiration from each other. Their creative style has become the well-known "The École de Paris ".

As foreigners, artists are not separated by differences in age, concept, or personality. Instead, in order to survive in the Paris art scene, they unite to absorb the Parisian environment and painting style, and hope to work together in the future. There are more clever ideas in creation. The creative style of The École de Paris also influenced later non-expressionist painters and abstract expressionists.



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