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Le Monde de Picasso

The exhibition "Picasso's World" is a retrospective exhibition of Picasso's wonderful personal medical creations. Paintings from the early blue and pink periods, the cubist period and classicism. A total of 74 works have come to Taiwan, among which important works from various periods will also be exhibited across the oceans in China. It can be said that the Picasso exhibition spans the century.

Another significance of this exhibition is that it coincides with the 100th birthday of Mr. Zhang Daqian. The National Palace Museum specially selected Mr. Daqian and Mr. Picasso, two giants in the painting world, as witnesses and reflections of the intersection of Eastern and Western art at the end of the century.

This exhibition is organized by the National Palace Museum, the Picasso Museum in Paris, the China Times Department and the Dimension Art Education Foundation, and is implemented by the Dimension Art Center. 73 Picasso works are on display at the National Palace Museum. An exhibition album "Picasso in the Twentieth Century: Picasso's World 1881-1973", which reflects the spirit of the exhibition theme, was also published. At the same time, adult and youth versions of the guide manual were produced according to the needs of Taiwanese readers: "Reading Picasso" "So: The World of Picasso 1881-1973" and "A Date with PICASSO". The album is mainly written by an exhibition researcher at the Picasso Museum, and includes an appreciation of 74 exhibited works as well as the spirit of the times and positioning of Picasso's art. In the Taiwanese part, Mr. Li Mingming from the Institute of Art, National Central University, was invited to write about Picasso. Corresponding publication of artistic research. The guidebook invited teachers Jiang Xun and Lu Rongzhi to write respectively, each interpreting Picasso's art from different perspectives.


  • Date:1998.9.26~1999.1.20

  • Place:The National Palace Museum

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