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Exhibitions de Richard Texier

Richard Texier is an internationally acclaimed Surrealist artist in the contemporary art scene. Since 1995, he developed a good relationship with the Chinese born French abstract artist, Zao Wouki, whom have encouraged Texier to explore a new horizon in China. However, when Texier decided to leave for Shanghai in 2004, Zao has passed away in the April of that same year. Even so, he marked the words of Zao Wou-ki, and continued to glorify the essential oriental elements through his approaches.

Texier is a painter, a sculptor, and a Ph.D. with double-major degrees in architecture and plastic arts. Texier’s works are widely exhibited at Centre Pompidou, National Museum of Luxembourg, National Museum of Taiwan, and many more, with his most recognized works made in bronzes. Texier is also fascinated with the mysterious, the magnificence of the cosmos, astronomy, which are also present in his works. Upon Texier’s arrival in China, new inspiration was added to his work, such as the Han dynasty bronze works, with the mixture of mythical beasts and tomb guardians, a hybridization of the Surrealist of the West coincided with the mysterious side of the East, Texier was able to create hybridized works in harmony and appreciated by all.

As such, his first solo exhibition was held in Shanghai Museum of Fine Arts in 2005 on the topic of East/West. Texier’s works are also in the collection of Museum of President Jacques Chirac in Sarran, House of Culture Moscow and other important public collection.

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