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Mi Li Tsun Nan Solo Exhibition

When creating, try to retain the charm of the ink, let the ink travel back and forth on the texture, and then remove the excess ink color. Check and ponder back and forth, and you can only stop writing when you reach the charm of the ink. When creating, I deliberately do not decorate it with strong colors, but apply subtle colors to reveal the beauty of the land under high-contrast light, pursuing the feeling of "between similarity and dissimilarity" to make the creative works more charming. , trying to show the artistic conception of Zen.


Mi Li Tsun Nan

Wang Jia Nong, also known as Mi Li Tsun Nan, was born in a family of artists in Mili Village, Ligang Township, Pingtung County. He graduated from Tamkang University and works as a professional artist and designer. His works were selected as part of the Select International Artists exhibition for the 2005 US Art Olympics. Selected Exhibitions: “Modern Taiwanese Ink Paintings”, Canton Gallery, China, 2004 “Strict New Concepts Exhibition”, Kaohsiung City Cultural Center, 2006 “Mysterious Footprints – Solo Exhibition”, Gallery for Citizens, Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Art, 2007 “Chengdu Double Year Exhibition”, Chengdu Gallery, China, 2007 “Open Flexibility – Innovative Contemporary Ink Art”, Taipei Fine Arts Museum, 2009


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