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Bruce Lin 2023 Solo Exhibition

Bruce Lin was born in Xinying, Tainan in 1960. He moved to the Netherlands in 1989 and began his artistic creation in 2015. Although he is not a professional artist, he has a keen mind and observation of the things around him, and he has transferred this experience to his artistic creation. He has lived in Europe for more than 30 years, and due to work needs, he often travels between the countrysides of various European countries. He then uses the spacious and peaceful countryside in his memory to stir up his unique personal poetic meaning on the canvas.


The inspiration for his composition comes from what he has seen and heard. The colors are bold and heavy, and the thick paint presents the composition, showing a sense of compression and layering between the plane and the three-dimensional. Lin Chunyuan is good at using shape transformation. The scenery, still life, and characters in her paintings are mostly primitive shapes such as squares, circles, pyramids, cylinders, etc. After absorption and transformation, they are recombined and arranged to present a strange atmosphere and perspective ratio. The intuitive simplicity and simplification present a fantasy space with her strong personal style. The field scenery often seen in his paintings is so impressive that he can outline the image in his mind without taking a photo to copy it. When creating, the inspiration that comes from the sky is often not directly related to the scene seen by the eyes at the moment. He often uses the changing tones of the four seasons to recreate life experiences in his memory. Lin Chunyuan once said: "My paintings have my world, and the people who view my paintings also have their own world, because everyone's life experience is different, and their joys, sorrows, anger and happiness are also different. I hope that my works can allow everyone to appreciate their own unique spiritual resonance."


Bruce Lin interweaves the memories of his personal life journey and the dream world of the otherworldly world to create unique symbols and shape a strong personal style that is both real and extremely mysterious and confusing.

【Important Exhibitions】

2016 Rotterdam, Netherlands - Koremi Center - "Dialogue with Nature"

2017 De Kristal, Rotterdam, Netherlands - "Sedimentation of Still Life"

2017 Capelle a/d Ijssel, the Netherlands - Davidlloyd Hall

2017 Kaohsiung City Hexuan Space Art Gallery - "Memory and Fantasy - Lin Chunyuan's Painting Journey"

2017 Fu Jen University Alumni Association Europe Solo Exhibition (Rotterdam)

2018 Fu Jen Catholic University School of Arts Art Gallery Solo Exhibition - "Painting Box"

2019 Papenburg City Hall Exhibition in Germany - "Taiwan Day"

2020 Solo Exhibition at Hallenberg City Hall, Germany - "A Hundred Flowers in Bloom"

2023 Hagenring eV solo exhibition in Germany - "Dream of Peace"

2023 Tainan City Xinying Cultural Center - "Lin Chunrong and Lin Chunyuan Return Hometown Creative Exhibition"

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