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Lee Feng 2022 Solo Exhibition

Lee Feng's painting journey contains the foundation of many creations. The artist's life journey and changes can be seen from his paintings. In 1991, his early creations were mainly gray and dark colors with gloomy tones, but now they are rich in color. His works show the freedom from the constraints of object images. From concrete to abstract, the creations of each period express the ups and downs and throbbing of life.

Lee Feng's creations are bold in color and graceful in brushstrokes. Color blocks and lines are the basic elements of the painting. In his works, we can see the layers and changes of different colors, forming a visual contrast. The fusion of abstraction and concreteness gives the painting a high degree of visual tension. The rich color stacking allows Li Feng's works to strongly feel his interpretation of the meaning of his life and artistic views from the inside out.

Through this exhibition, you can get a glimpse of the transformation of Lee Feng's works and understand the artist's creative process. Each painting represents a story. You are welcome to visit and experience Lee Feng's life journey together.

Exhibition period | 2022.09.21 (Wednesday) – 2022.10.30 (Sunday) Opening and symposium | 2022.10.08 (Saturday) 15:00 Li Feng x Wang Pinhua

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