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Lee Feng 2023 Solo Exhibition

Lee Feng: "By not conforming to the concept of composition and ideal completion, I feel greater degrees of joy and freedom, and more easily get to see pictures that excite my inner being, both visually and spiritually. When I paint, I require absolute quietness and sensitivity. At times, I paint extremely slowly, and sometimes pretty fast. I always regard the process as a ritual."


Lee Feng uses the bold colors and daring brush strokes are used to weave the lines into the composition of the painting, and the layers and variations of colors can be seen in the work, creating visual contrasts. With the abstraction and fusion of nature's figurative scenes, the paintings show a high degree of visual tension and rich color pile-ups, and it is strongly felt that Lee Feng interprets the meaning of his life and artistic outlook from the inside out.



Lee Feng's life has been a difficult but exciting one, and his enduring character can be seen in the different transformations of his works in each period.


There is a power in his painting, an inexpressible power that comes from the gathering of life and space. Like nature, every branch swaying in the wind, every peak and mountain of different shapes, every surging and slow-moving ocean, is beautiful and sacred.


For Lee Feng, his restraint or indulgence in painting over the years all stems from introspection and speculation, and his principles are simple and clear. He firmly believes that the core meaning of art is not the number of forms, but the existence of life. Therefore, at certain times, Lee Feng does not deliberately paint or maintain exhibitions. He does not even think that being an artist is a profession. He does his best to protect the pure and holy relationship between him and painting.

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