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Lee Feng 2022 Solo Exhibition

This exhibition displays three large-scale works by Li Feng, "Worship to Nature 1", "Worship to Nature 24", and "The Boundary of Ineffable", which were created in different places, including Xiaguirou, Sanzhi, and Toucheng.


Lee Feng

Born in Chiayi in 1957. His life journey was tough but wonderful. His perseverance can be seen from the changes in his works in each period. He is gentle on the outside but strong on the inside, and he is full of passion for creation.

Lee Feng loves freedom and worships nature. The life experience and long-term experience, the contradiction between the heaviness and lightness of nature confront each other in his heart, reflecting the stillness of time and the might of nature. He uses bold colors and graceful brushstrokes, and uses lines to weave out the layers that are constantly derived as the composition of the picture. The layers and changes of different colors can be seen in the works, forming a visual contrast. The abstraction integrates the concrete scenes of nature, making the picture present a high visual tension, rich color stacking, and strong feelings. Lee Feng interprets the meaning of his life and artistic conception from the inside out.

Lee Feng: "Painting to no formality might not be an artist’s ultimate goal, but then again, the greatest difficulty and joy in painting also see no fixed forms. It is because art and life, on every occasion, accompany one another as they revolve and progress, without fail.

I like a simple and steady life, just like what I am painting now.

Thank you to the Dimension Art Center for its ingenuity in planning and exhibiting these three large works at the same time! All paintings have their own independence, so the larger works are not a collection of smaller works, but are their own.

Like nature, every branch swaying in the wind, every peak and mountain of different shapes, every surging and slow-moving ocean, is beautiful and sacred.

Worship to Nature 1, Worship to Nature 24, and The Boundary of Ineffable 24, were completed in different places, namely, Xiakuirou, Sanzhi, and Toucheng. Now, they have become the marks of my life.

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