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Ideas of Movement: Abstraction in Lee Feng’s Paintings

Lee Feng's abstract paintings have the power of momentum. His brushstrokes and running speed are clearly visible in the paintings. In particular, the colors in the paintings are rich and the diversity of layers is very dynamic. His painting style is somewhere between natural and unnatural. The texture presented in the painting is presented through the contrast of light and shadow. This solo exhibition of Li Fengnan is expected to be exciting.

An aspiration for freedom and nature, as well as years of life experiences, have resulted in the stark contradiction of lightness and heaviness within Lee Feng's mind. He has painted the stillness of time and the turbulence created by nature. He has turned the great passions he felt into inner strengths, and expressed such lively sensations on canvas. One can say that Lee's transformation is complete and logical when his works evolved from being concrete to abstract. Despite life's various harsh conditions and setbacks, Lee has always been optimistic, romantic, and resilient, pursuing art creation with perseverance and an impulse for carrying out what he believes in.


Lee Feng

1957 broin in Chiayi County

BFA,National Taiwan University of Arts, Banciao City, Taiwan MA, Fontbonne College,St. Louis,Missouri,U.S.A


2016 Individual exhibition at 33 Art window ,Taipei- Idyllic Land of Peach Blossom Spring

2016 Quintet exhibition at Art&Context 101 Gallery, Basel, Switzerland-Colours of China

2017 Individual exhibition- The Worship of Nature

at BANCA,Milan, Italy

at 99 Degree Art Center,Taipei

• at the sun yatsen memorial hall,Taipei

2020 Ideas of Movement-Abstraction in Lee Feng's Paintings at LICENCE ART GALLERY, Tainan

2020  Individual exhibition at Dimensions Art Cencter, Taipei

2021 Solo Exhibition of Lee Feng at Dimensions Art Cencter, Taipei

2022 Solo Exhibition of Lee Feng at Dimensions Art Cencter, Taipei

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