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Vlaminck - Autographic Painting

Vlaminck was born in Paris. Both of his parents were musicians. He taught music, played double bass and violin in an orchestra, and was a bicycle racer for many years. In 1892, he began to be interested in painting. In 1900, he met the Fauvist painter Andre Derain (1880-1954). The two shared a studio in Chatou, and began a period of creative stimulation.

Maurice de Vlaminck (1876-1958), a French Fauvist painter, is a famous representative painter of Fauvism who was a contemporary of Manos and Derain. His painting style is also considered to be the most characteristic Fauvist style. He used strong contrasting colors and wild brushwork, fully mastering the unique expression techniques of Fauvism.

Vlaminck was an energetic artist. In addition to painting, he also wrote and was very interested in racing. He believed that his passion drove him to bravely rebel against all traditions in painting and not be bound by nature. He said, "I portray the truth of human nature..." In addition to oil paintings, he also created many watercolors and prints.

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