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Liao yu-an, Wu Yung Chieh Exhibition

Taking one's own image and psychological state as the subject of creation, he conducts a series of descriptions of the lifestyle and interpersonal interactions of urban people. There is a strong sense of "fatigue" among the characters in the painting. Communication has become a difficult action. We weakly try to contact and talk again. Fatigue seems to be a common experience, embodying contradictory and alienated emotions. Quietly divergent.


Liao yu-an

Graduated from the Institute of Plastic Arts of the National Tainan University of the Arts in 2005. His works are mainly painting creations. He is good at using his own image and psychological state as creative themes to create a series of depictions of urban people's lifestyles and interpersonal interactions. In 2003, he won the first prize of the Taipei Art Award for his "Birdman Self-Portrait". Since then, the birdman image has become Liao Yuan's registered trademark. After that, he also used a large number of images of various animals, and added a variety of products such as packaging. The paper-like rich patterns and color combinations allegorize modern people's lives and interpersonal relationships in real society.

Reading comics, reading books, playing video games, eating sweets, playing in gashapon machines, and keeping pets are the source of Liao Yuan's creation. He tastes the delicate experiences and suppressed emotions in various life, and then combines them to create various designed color backgrounds. , the layout of the characters and the scenes are like a drama that comes out and comes out every second, switching in and out in an instant, gently touching the audience's life memory.

Wu Yung Chieh

Graduated from the Institute of Plastic Arts of the National Tainan University of the Arts in 2005. Her creations express her pursuit of self-image, conveying the reality of life in a beautiful illusion. She draws on her own identity and learning experience to nourish her creations. She is good at ambiguous semantics. , and unconstrained irregular pictures, depicting the beautiful but not so beautiful emotions she observed. Focusing more on the child's inner state and intentions, the irregular scenery is more circuitous.

Wu Yung Chieh's creations are about the pursuit of self-image, and also imply the bitterness of the new generation. The flowers and human figures in the picture resemble fairy tale images, full of magical style, and also have a sugar-coated sad tone. Every current memory is pieced together between virtual reality and imaginary fragments.

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