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Giotto - Renaissance Pioneer

Giotto is a relatively unfamiliar name to art lovers in Taiwan.

But in the West his historical status is the founder of Renaissance art.

Lending his paintings to Taiwan for exhibition has extraordinary significance for Taiwanese audiences.

He was active at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries and was friends with Dante. It was a time when medieval culture was coming to an end and humanistic spirit was rising.

Before him, Western painting inherited the tradition of Byzantine art and was a symbol of conveying religious beliefs. Mosaic was the main material, so

The images presented in the picture are rigid and standardized. Looking at them today, they are almost the same and closer to patterns.

The spiritual response of the Renaissance in art is to describe nature and people realistically. This allows paintings to vividly present the images that our eyes see. This is the first step towards a humanistic view of art. Today, this seems to be a simple thing, but for artists in the 13th century, it was a great revolution.

This requires not only new perspectives and new concepts, but also the mastery of new technologies. Born in this era of civilizational change, Joto took on the task of carrying forward the past and ushering in the future with his superhuman talents.

The most important work left by Giotto is the comic strip of Jesus stories in the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua. The walls and vaults of this chapel are full of his works, and the effect is extremely touching. Not only are the works outstanding, but the sense of space is also extremely shocking. We should not forget that he was also an architect and was responsible for the design of Florence Cathedral. Since these murals cannot be moved and are inseparable from the architectural space, people with a caring heart have made them into scaled models, providing thousands of viewers who cannot go to Padua to appreciate the original works with the opportunity to experience and appreciate them in person. This is a product of the display concept of the new era.

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