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2023 Taipei Lantern Festival

Dimensions Art Center, in response to the upcoming 2023 Taipei Lantern Festival, specially invited digital artist Poki Chang to create a themed digital work "Silent Gallery" for this exhibition. The works of three artists, Dennis Hwang, Chien-Chang Cheng, and Lee Feng are exhibited physically, and their elements are also integrated into digital images. During the day, the gallery space exhibits the works of three artists with the meaning of "light". In the evening, the gallery will be transformed into a large colorful light box on the streets of the East District. Poki Chang work presents another imagination of the gallery space. In the art space at night, the flow of artistic energy and the transformation of colors are transformed. The day reflects the alternation between the night and the original silence at night. Introducing a different kind of poetic imagination into the space will attract people to stop. Dimensional Art Center integrates artworks into the streets and alleys and into the lives of the people.

張博智Poki Chang

Poki Chang was graduated from the Graduate School of Arts & Technology, Taipei National University of the Arts. He used to be one of the original members of the art creation team「朗機工/ LOGICO-」, and now actives in various fields of art as new media art worker, website designer, image designer for theater, and the director of music videos. He used to be supported by the Techno Art Creation Project of National Culture and Arts Foundation, also nominated by AMP Awards (Best Music Video). He took part in sound and image design of Issey Miyake spring/summer 2009 and image design of Chen Chien-chi’s “Love Scenes of Flowers and Farewell,” “Turn Left, Turn Right” (musical, 2010), The sound of live of sound, Tender Black Mail; Image design of Taipei Dad, New York Mom; Jimmy's Subway: a musical--2012 Revisit. …etc. He is currently a assistant professor of National Chengchi University and a lecturer of National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, also dedicated to developing Sound-Visual project and electric instrument creations.

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