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Kevin Yu: A Retrospective

Kevin Yu's works are more complex and varied in shape. They are often juxtaposed or stacked with irregular geometric shapes and use plain colors as narrative language to create a meditative field.

A serious game in plain black

Director A. Tarkovsky - The world is in color, but the reality in the soul is in black and white. All creations strive for simplicity, perfection and simplicity, but that is also the most turbulent and painful part of creation.

The keynote of Kevin Yu's works is the cut-off surface and the plain black. Why not say that they are assembled and cut out of color planes one by one. The completeness of the picture and the occasional symbols of emotion or interest are rarely used. The work is like a stable and balanced frame, with large and small color blocks placed and wandering in it. Losing the balance and harmony required by artists. Black can be the focus of gaze, and it can also arouse formidable emotions. That kind of cold, overwhelming pressure is as mysterious as religion. It is a single-note hymn chanted in the church. It echoes over and over again. At first, it creates a shocking distance. Gradually, when you can not dislike the monotony of the timbre and abandon the gorgeous worldly tones and rhythms without hesitation, you can blend in. Feel the solemn, pure and restrained emotions in it.

When I look at Kevin Yu's works, I feel that they are very cold and cool because of their simple structure and simple colors. His creative expression shows the lonely posture and state of mind brought about by the pursuit of simplicity, perfection, simplicity and balance. When the balance is reached to the extreme, can it be pushed to eternity? Coincidentally, there is a German word Das Jenseits, which refers to the other side and eternity.

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